Service Locations:

Boulder City
Searchlight, Cal-Nev-Ari and Palm Gardens

Moapa Valley
Indian Springs
Sandy Valley and Goodsprings

Boulder City


On December 1, 2008 Silver Rider Transit assumed the transit services in Boulder City from the Senior Center of Boulder City. The partnership between the Senior Center of Boulder City and Silver Rider Transit is a welcome addition to the many services already provided to Boulder City residents. The initial goal was to make this a seamless transition, and we contend we have met that goal.

The SNTC provides much needed door-to-door transportation to doctor appointments, pharmacies and to the Senior Center of Boulder City for nutritional needs and social activities. Transportation to worship services, banking, employment, golf, hair appointments or any other purpose is provided for our seniors. Currently, transportation is offered as far out of Boulder City as the Dotty's Casino as well as to the Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino.

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In September of 2010 the SNTC Boulder City office moved into the facility at 710 Wells Road. The move to this facility was crucial, due to the increased number of vehicles needed to provide for the expanding transportation services in Boulder City.  The property provides plenty of secured parking for the buses and has enabled the SNTC maintenance team facility in Boulder City. 



The Southern Nevada Transit Coalition (SNTC) Laughlin operation provided public transit operations out of the original jail/holding facility in Laughlin from December of 2002 until February 24th, 2010. The building was the original holding facility for Laughlin and consisted of five jail cells, and one shower stall that were all converted into 5 makeshift offices and an employee lunchroom by the SNTC. The building was comprised of only 980 square feet and was the base of operations for up to 23 employees. The facility was never intended to be a building from which to operate transit out of, and for that reason a new location for the Laughlin operation needed to be secured.

In July of 2005, with congressional support led by U.S. Senator Harry Reid, the RTC of Southern Nevada (RTC) was awarded $1,000,000 for the construction of a new transit facility for the SNTC Laughlin public transit operation. Along with the $1,000,000 congressional appropriation, another $1,000,000 for local matching funds was secured from the Fort Mohave Development Fund. The RTC provided an additional $500,000 in funding for the new facility. The new facility is 6,300 square feet and is situated on 2.53 acres of Clark County land. The facility is comprised of three maintenance bays, offices and a small lobby area for customer service.

In 2008, the SNTC received another Congressional appropriation led by then U.S. Congressman Jon Porter. The appropriation provided much needed funding for furniture and equipment for the new facility.

On February 25, 2010 SNTC took occupancy of the Laughlin Transit Maintenance Facility. The SNTC is extremely grateful for all the support our organization received from U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, then U.S. Congressman Jon Porter, the RTC of Southern Nevada, the Nevada Department of Transportation, the Laughlin Town Manager’s office, Clark County and the Laughlin community. Without all of their collective support, the new Laughlin Transit Maintenance Facility would not have become a reality.

The residents of Laughlin who are transit dependent face unique transportation challenges that Silver Rider Transit has strived to meet. Transportation for the residents who work in the resorts is a necessity, considering the desert climate and the approximate 5 miles between the residential area and the resort corridor.

The SNTC began operating a fixed route service for the general public and the disabled in Laughlin on December 1, 2002. Our fixed route service operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Two routes operate in Laughlin. One route circulates clockwise 19 hours per day, and our second route operates counter-clockwise 24 hours per day.  This gives Laughlin residents and visitors a 30 minute transit service from the residential area to the resort corridor for 19 hours per day, with hourly service through the night. The Silver Rider Transit bus service in Laughlin utilizes three 40-foot diesel powered transit coaches and three 40-foot hybrid transit coaches. Due to the extreme temperatures in the summer, rotating the coaches from day to night and alternating the coach’s in-service days prolongs the life of the equipment. In 2010, Laughlin fixed route ridership totaled approximately 262,500 rides, averaging about 21,900 rides per month. Laughlin’s population consists of 8,258 residents, which illustrates that a significant percentage of the total population is transit dependent.

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The SNTC assumed responsibility of the Laughlin Senior Transportation Program on March 1st of 2007. The previous provider of the senior transportation program in Laughlin was the Laughlin Family Resource Coalition (FRC). At the conclusion of the FRC stewardship of the program, the FRC reported monthly ridership at 72 rides per month. After the SNTC assumed the program, for the remaining 9 months of 2007, ridership by the Laughlin seniors had risen to 201 rides per month on the average. For year end 2010 senior ridership in Laughlin has increased to a monthly average of approximately 1,138, showing a marked increase!

Our goal for the Laughlin Senior Transit Program is to assist area seniors with transportation to and from medical and dental programs, nutrition and mental health programs, pharmacies, shopping excursions, and any other needs that our seniors feel important to sustain their quality of life and to ensure they still feel important and useful in and about our community.

In addition to the local, in town transit opportunities, the SNTC offers out of town transportation as well. These out of town trips oftentimes provide access to medical specialists not available in our immediate area as well as providing access to expanded retail and entertainment excursions. The out of town trips provide transportation to Las Vegas, Boulder City, Green Valley, and Henderson.

Our target population served includes those transit dependent in the community. Under our senior transportation program, we target the elderly in Laughlin for our daily trips to medical and dental appointments, nutrition and mental health programs, pharmacy and shopping excursions. Our target population for our out of town excursions is anyone who has the needs for our transit services. However, seniors have priority seating on our vehicles.

The Chemotherapy and Dialysis Transportation Program commenced on October 1st of 2007. In the beginning we were transporting a limited number of clients on an as needed basis to their life sustaining dialysis or chemotherapy appointments. As the word spread at the Bullhead City Dialysis Clinic (the only local provider of dialysis and chemotherapy needs in the area), the demand for the medically necessary transportation grew rapidly. The program has seen up to a 600% growth rate since its inception.

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In April of 2010, at the request of the Aging Disabilities Service Division, SNTC formed another partnership and began to provide Meals on Wheel to the  homebound seniors of Laughlin.

In cooperation with Harrah’s Entertainment Laughlin and the Division, SNTC successfully procured the necessary vehicle and equipment to provide the service.

Currently Silver Rider has partnered with Western Arizona Regional Medical Center in an effort to reduce cost that were previously spent in man hours, fuel and vehicle maintenance traveling to Las Vegas Catholic Charities. Western Arizona Regional Medical Center prepares the meals locally and ensures that the meals meet the nutrition guidelines set forth for the homebound seniors of Laughlin and Searchlight. By saving costs associated with vehicle insurance and in house vehicle maintenance, Silver Rider has been able to subsidize the frozen meals with fresh fruit, milk and bread, weekly.

Silver Rider has provided 6,177 frozen meals in the first nine months of service, an average of 710 meals a month, approximately 175 meals a week.

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Searchlight, Cal-Nev-Ari and Palm Gardens.

All three communities are located up to 70 miles south of Las Vegas, and possess limited retail shopping and no medical facilities. Due to the excessive mileage between these communities and larger urban areas, utilizing taxi cabs as the mode of transportation is cost prohibitive.  Silver Rider Transit offers transportation five times a week,  opening up the much needed shopping and medical opportunities.

Silver Rider Transit provides transportation to Henderson/Las Vegas from all three communities five times a week, on Monday through Friday.  Transportation to Laughlin is provided on  the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.

The Searchlight Express serves Searchlight, Cal-Nev-Ari and Palm Gardens. It services the Laughlin Silver Rider Bus System, WARMC, Riverview Mall, Wal-Mart, Target and Kohl’s.  The Searchlight Express runs on  the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month on a reservation basis.

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Early in 2013 the Aging Disabilities Service Division once again approached Silver Rider to take on yet another meals on wheels program. With the success of our Laughlin meals on wheels program it was natural to take on the Searchlight program. In 2013 Silver Rider has delivered an average of 70 meals a week. The Searchlight program is also supplemented with fresh fruit, bread, and milk.

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The SNTC began operating fixed-route services for the general public, the elderly and the disabled in the communities of Mesquite and Bunkerville in September of 2002. These services were previously provided by the RTC of Southern Nevada with another organization.

Starting in July of 2003 the SNTC, in cooperation with the City of Mesquite and the Aging Disabilities Service Division, commenced senior transportation services. This service provides seniors with transportation directly to the doctor from their homes. It also provides rides to the Senior Center for nutrition, activities and seminars. The SNTC also provides custom out-of-town trips by reservation and express trips to Las Vegas on Mondays.

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In the spring of 2009, the SNTC received (through the Nevada Department of Transportation’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) four new vehicles.  The SNTC has realized these new vehicles have enabled us to maintain service in Mesquite much more efficiently. The SNTC plans to provide expanded services to meet the needs of a growing community.

In 2010, Silver Rider Transit in Mesquite and Bunkerville provided over 60,000 rides. Both communities have a combined population of approximately 11,300. Most of the passengers transported were casino employees, seniors and children, once again proving the great need for this service in these communities.

In February of 2010, the SNTC received funding for new vehicles for the Mesquite operation from the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT). The acquisition of four vehicles was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). These vehicles were the first new vehicles the SNTC Mesquite operation had received since 2002.

The new vehicles have enabled the Mesquite operation to realize significant cost savings as vehicle maintenance costs are lower and additional savings materialized which can be attributed to the increased fuel efficiency of the newer vehicles.

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Moapa Valley

The four communities that comprise the Moapa Valley are provided transportation opportunities approximately eight times a month. The express services to Las Vegas or Mesquite are provided on a reservation basis and afford those residents access to medical appointments, shopping and recreational excursions. Click Here to see our schedule.

Indian Springs

Indian Springs is located about 45 miles north of Las Vegas on Highway 95. It is named for the artesian spring that provides the area with water. Since the 1940s when the United States Air Forces established a training facility here, Indian Springs has been home for many military groups. The SNTC commenced offering senior transportation to the community of Indian Springs in  November of 2002. Residents of Indian Springs are afforded transportation opportunities once each week. Transportation is available on Thursdays. This weekly transportation is funded by the Aging Disabilities Services Division. The majority of the transportation requested is for necessary medical appointments and shopping opportunities. The SNTC is the only transportation provider to this rural southern Nevada community.

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Sandy Valley & Goodsprings

Sandy Valley & Goodsprings is located just 60 miles from Las Vegas on Interstate 15. The SNTC commenced offering transportaiton to the community on January 15th, 2014. Transportation is available on Mondays and Fridays, excluding major holidays. Many people use the transportation to get to their medical appointments, grocery shopping, and recreational excursions. This bus also will link to the Vertans Medical Transportation Network for transportation of our veterans for medical care at the veteran's clinics to VA Hospital.

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